Are these things happening to you?

  • Multiple fraudulent charges to one or more of your accounts
  • You receive phone calls from organizations and people that you don’t recognize about past due debt or unfamiliar charges
  • Your credit cards get declined at the point of sale due to credit limits
  • Your bank accounts get closed or have penalties from activity which you did not authorize
  • Unfamiliar new accounts appear on your credit report
  • You receive mail or other communications from attorneys and debt collectors for debts you are not familiar with
  • You receive medical bills for unrecognizable procedures or services
  • Your health insurance provider claims you have exceeded their benefit limits while you are not aware of the health care services you may have used to reach these limits
  • Your medical record indicates health conditions which you do not have
  • The IRS sends notices or inquiries about a tax filing that you did not submit
  • The IRS has indicates that you have submitted multiple tax returns
  • Received reported income notices from employers or sources which you have never engaged in any employment or business relationship with

If you recognize one or more of these activities in your life, you may be facing identity theft.  You can’t always track down the identity thief, but we can help you solve the problems.

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