It is not necessary to live with debts charged to your accounts by identity theft.

There are simple steps that can resolve these debts.  You won’t need to file for bankruptcy or hire a debt negotiator.  All of the steps can be handled on your own or with help from Identity Theft Recovery Center.  There are two main steps that you will need to complete:

  • Legitimize your identity theft claim: Make your identity theft official.  Have all the necessary filings and documents that you need to prove your identity theft situation. More Information
  • Notify your accounts about your identity theft situation: Make sure you send all of your identity theft information to each account where you have charges that were falsely charges by an identity thief. More Information

After these basic steps are complete, your creditors should respond accordingly.

There are two things you should make sure that your creditors do within a reasonable amount of time:

  • Remove the fraudulent charges from your account: All notes or line items of the fraudulent charges should be deleted from your accounts. More Information
  • Correct your credit report with the credit bureaus: All negative entries resulting from the identity theft that you have reported should be deleted from your credit report.  You should not be responsible for a late payment on fraudulent charges as well as anything else related to the fraudulent charges. More Information

If you have completed the above steps and a creditor is not cooperating with you to eliminate your undue debts, contact Identity Theft Recovery Center immediately.

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